You’re Bad, And You Should Feel Bad

I don’t get why people rage quit in Silver League: you’re just not that good.  It’s only Silver League, nobody there is supposed to be that good, get better.  But sometimes you get people like this guy:



He’s saying that I have no skill because all I had to do was attack move to defeat him.  I think it was his terrible decisions all game long that cost him.  You be the judge.

First of all, the game was protoss vs. protoss on Yeonsu.  If you’re not familiar with it, a lot of bizarre things happen on it.  You can cannon rush from the low ground (which even works in pro games…link opens in new window).  And there are lots of reeds to hide things behind.



In four games on it so far this season, I lost my nexus to a cannon rush (won anyway…thanks oracle).  

Someone proxied a gateway in the reeds, which I didn’t find even though I was looking for it.

Another guy seemed to think that if he killed my nexus with blink stalkers, I would just leave the game.  So he threw ~15 of them into the task along with his mothership core, of all of which were killed, and the only thing they killed was my nexus.  I immediately rebuilt it and sent in everything I had, and he just left.

And this game.

First mistake: Gateway timing

I made my first gateway at 1:44, but he forgot to do it until 2:05.  That’s 21 seconds behind and a major mistake.  If I was doing an aggressive oracle or dark templar build, either one of those could kill all his probes in 21 seconds.

Second mistake: Chrono boosting Warpgate when you fast expand

He built a nexus at 3:19, even before his cybernetics core.  If you do that, it doesn’t make sense to chrono boost warpgate technology.  Why do you need it so quickly if you’re not going to immediately follow up with a lot of units?  He should’ve been chrono boosting probes until he had 44 (the magic number for mining two bases).

Third mistake: Twilight Council (into blink) as his first tech choice…at 6:36

In Protoss vs Protoss, stalkers get worse and worse the longer the game goes on.  Why?  Because zealots with charge, immortals, archons, large numbers of void rays, and colossi all crush them.  The only viable strategy is an early blink attack, when zealots won’t have charge, there won’t be many immortals, and stalkers have space to run away.  If he wanted to do this, he should’ve made his twilight council at around 3:42 (that’s when my cybernetics core finished).  Instead, it was almost three minutes later when I was well prepared for them.

Fourth mistake: I start +1 Ground Weapons at 7:03, He doesn’t even build a forge until 9:06

In other words, he is 2:48 behind me on weapon upgrades.  So sad.  If he had all that money by expanding first, why not use it?  He didn’t even start +1 attack until 10:43, when his forge had already been done almost a minute.

Anyway, onto the final fight.  He tried to expand again at 11:36, which I shut down by marching my chargelot/immortal army in there.  I go back to the middle of the map to try and fight on open ground, because choke points favor him.  Instead, he plays right into my hands.


Uhhh…he probably should’ve stayed at the top of the ramp.  Most of my zealots couldn’t have hit him.  Any stalkers they did hit could’ve been blinked back.  Instead, he goes to open ground, which is the last thing he should’ve done.

(NOTE: I know I said stalkers are terrible in pvp, but I have five from when he tried to take down my expansion before I had charge and I needed units.  They’re still bad).

(NOTE #2: Looking at my resources/supply, I realize I could’ve had four or five extra archons in this fight.  Definitely something for me to improve on…that gas should’ve been doing something.  But luckily stalkers are terrible, so I didn’t need them).


He’s already lost four stalkers in the first six seconds.  My +2 weapons upgrade was almost done, but I didn’t even bother to wait for it.  That’s how bad stalkers are vs chargelot/immortal.


Now he’s lost 20 stalkers in 16 seconds.  Maybe he thought those time warps would be a lot more effective than they were.

Final units lost stats:


Lessons Learned:

#1: Stalkers are horrible in PVP (what else?)

#2: Don’t be slow, have a plan.  E.g., if you build a forge, start using it immediately…otherwise why’d you build it?

#3: If you make zealots/immortals in pvp, gas will tend to pile up.  Add archons.

(End note: zealots aren’t that great in late-game PVP either, because archons/colossi destroy them.  If you can get away with building those instead, do it.  They work great against stalkers though).