One of the best things in Starcraft 2 is beating someone who talks shit for no reason.  And that brings us to today’s post!


Usually people just say “glhf” at the start of every game.  I think it’s annoying, particularly “hf”…they don’t want you to have fun, they want to kill you.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  I prefer AHOY.  Or THE BEES ARE READY TO STING.  You know you’re up against a lunatic when those come out.

Anyway, I’ve been on a good run recently, 21-11 in my last 32, which has taken me to the top of the gold league rankings.  Not that gold is anything to brag about.  But, if you have to be there, it’s good to be king of something.

One thing that’s been happening almost every game is that terran players walk into my base at around 10 minutes and kill the expansion nexus.  If I stay down there to protect it, they drop me.  But this guy thinks sniping a nexus is some big achievement.

I should’ve seen it coming. 10-10:30 every game. The observer did its job. Whyyyyy
And where’s my army?
Up the ramp.



Oh come on man, what happened to good luck and have fun?

Not even mad. Commentary’s just annoying

After that, he just sat back and let me do anything I wanted…rebuild the second base, take a third base, make archons, etc.  I decided to attack right when I got 3/3, at which point he was at 2/1.



I’d like to thank him for A) building too few vikings and B) leaving them to be killed without any support from the rest of his army.  Maybe that’s one big reason he lost, instead of the excuses he gives later.


The only reason the vikings were there was to destroy the colossi; instead they all got destroyed and left half of the colossi alive.


…And his whole army’s dead.

Meanwhile, zealots were in his third base and killed all the workers there, meaning that in any scenario where both armies died, I would have come out ahead.  It’s nice to have a pylon off to the side they can warp in from.  Maybe he should scout a little more.



And here come the excuses.


And so another mid-level player loses and decides to blame racial imbalance than his own lack of skill.

A few reasons he lost:

1) Not enough vikings

2) Letting his vikings die

3) Letting 18 probes die at the third

4) Falling way behind on upgrades.  If you’re at 2/1 when I’m at 3/3, that means I’m at least 220 seconds ahead on weapons, and 410 seconds ahead on armor.  What were you doing for 6 minutes 50 seconds?  You killed the nexus, which you seem to think is basically a game-ender.  You also have to take advantage of it.

5) Not trying drops.  I’m not that great against those.  I even reminded him that they exist during the game, and he still didn’t do it.  Instead he just sat back and let me win.

Until next time, when hopefully I’ve been promoted…


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